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NORDOX has signed the Norwegian Responsible Care Commitment (MIA), which requires integration of environmental, health, and safety policy in its management plan.

The manufacturing plant operates with a closed circuit system for its process water. Hence, there is no emission other than clean steam. Fumes and dusts are filtered and well within the environmental standards.

Cuprous oxide is a well-proven active ingredient in antifouling paints and agricultural fungicides, widely accepted as environmentally sound. Copper is an essential trace element in all living organisms – animal and plant – and thus a standard ingredient in mineral supplements for animal feeds and fertilizers. However, due to its role as a fungus and fouling repellent, regulatory authorities require full documentation as to its effect on health and environment. NORDOX participates in international working groups to respond to such requirements.

See here for more information about our commitment to the environment, health, and safety (in Norwegian).

NORDOX Environment and Sustainability Policy

NORDOX Environment and Sustainability Report 2023