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Other Industrial Applications

NORDOX’ clients throughout the World appreciate the high purity and excellent physical properties of the wide range of dicopper oxide products offered by NORDOX.

Application areas range from fish-farming and animal feed production, via textile and building materials, to heavy duty applications in the ceramics and glass industries.

In fish-farming NORDOX dicopper oxide, either on its own or in combination with co-biocides, acts as the active ingredient in wax formulations used to prevent the build-up of fouling in fish pens, thereby increasing maintenance intervals and reducing total costs in fish farming.

For the feed industry NORDOX dicopper oxide constitutes an important and safe source of copper, essential to all life. NORDOX’ GMP+ certification ensures that our feed product line is manufactured according to the most exacting standards.

Copper has long been known to have antibacterial and antiviral properties. NORDOX supplies cuprous oxide to a range of customers employing NORDOX cuprous oxide in face masks, bandages, and other medical supplies.

NORDOX dicopper oxide is widely used in building materials to prevent the growth of algae on roofs and walls. It is also used by the textile industry and incorporated as a biocide in materials for medical, leisure, or military usage.

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