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NORDOX Industrial Products

NORDOX takes pride in supplying a range of cuprous oxide formulations tailor-made to suit the requirements of the specific customers.

Application areas range from fish-farming and animal feed production, via textile and building materials, to heavy duty applications in the ceramics and glass industries.

The main products offered by Nordox for its industrial customers are:

Nordox Cuprous Oxide Red Paint Grade – this is our standard product used mainly for antifouling paint applications, but also for fish-net protection

R1H – a specialty product used for applications requiring higher wet-ability in water

XLT – a product range offering low density and reduced tinting strength

Cuprotech – a product range characterised by small particle size, mainly applied as a biocide in synthetic fibre products and ceramics

In addition, Nordox prepares specialty products according to the customers’ specifications.

Nordox products are available in 25 kg, 500 kg or 1000 kg bags.