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Agricultural Applications

NORDOX AS is the world-leading producer of superior cuprous oxide for agrochemical use. The red cuprous oxide is manufactured at our factory in Norway by a catalytic oxidation process.

All NORDOX agricultural products are approved for both conventional and organic farming. The particle size is extremely fine, with a mean value slightly above one micron (0.001 mm). These small particles stick very well to the surface of treated plants, providing a slow release source of copper, which is both active against fungi and bacteria and serves as a source of essential micronutrients.

NORDOX cuprous oxide products are formulated for use as both plant protection products and as micronutrient fertilizers in a diverse selection of crops. All of our agricultural products are certified for use in organic farming. Many of our agricultural products are formulated as wetable granules that are pourable, essentially non-dusty, and easily dispersed in water. Our products are easy to handle and are ideal for all types of spraying equipment: from field sprayers to backpack sprayers.

Demonstration of granule dispersal and pourability with virtually no dust.