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Cuprous oxide is an ideal anti-fouling agent as copper is a life-giving trace element naturally present in seawater. At the same time the presence of slightly elevated levels of cuprous oxide on ships’ hulls prevents the build-up of foulants such as barnacles, tubeworms and bryozoa.

NORDOX CUPROUS OXIDE RED PAINT GRADE, is a micro milled product (d50=3μm) manufactured in a catalytic oxidation process. This process gives a particle structure and size distribution more suitable for antifouling paints than materials produced using electrolytical or pyrometallurgical methods. Consequently, NORDOX CUPROUS OXIDE RED PAINT GRADE is used by most marine paint manufacturers worldwide.

NORDOX CUPROUS OXIDE RED PAINT GRADE is characterized by its bright red color, reflecting a narrow PSD and low risk of discoloring during application. The Paint Grade material is easy to grind and it has a high oil absorption rate. Low moisture content (<0.10%) is maintained throughout transportation and storage with Nordox’ 25 kg multi-ply, PE coated paper bags or 500/1000 kg Big Bags.

NORDOX XLT is a range of patented, proprietary products developed in order to achieve a better anti-fouling effect per kg copper as the XLT granules ensure a more controlled release of copper ions. The bigger particle size gives a weaker color intensity, suitable for non-red anti-fouling paints.

Watch an informative video about antfouling and invasive species: