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VERNO Micronutrient Fertilizers

A NORDOX innovation in plant nutrition

VERNO is made from carefully selected naturally occurring and sparingly soluble nutrient salts like oxides and carbonates. This gives a unique opportunity for manufacturing very concentrated slow release products that can be applied at low rates per hectare.

The ingredients are mixed with naturally occurring dispersants and micronized into smaller particles that distribute well and adhere well to the plant surface. We let the plant, with its slightly acidic leaf surface, dissolve the nutrient salts gradually, chelate and relocate the positively charged nutrient ions. Our idea is to leave the chemistry to the plant, which they are very capable of, and our products simply provide the nutrients over a prolonged period.

The unique combination of nutrients in VERNO significantly stimulates physiological processes responsible for both the growth of the roots and above ground part of the plants.

VERNO is unique and highly concentrated water dispersible granules for meeting the need for user-friendly products and less energy spent on transport and handling.

VERNO fertilizers allow for versatile application:

VERNO is formulated as uniform, micro granules that are easy to measure. These granules disperse rapidly in water. When added to water, the result is a fine suspension of micronised particles. VERNO is available in several formulations combining different concentrations of copper, zinc, and manganese. Our VERNO products are certified by ECOCERT for organic production.

The copper and zinc oxides and manganese carbonate are micronized and formulated as water dispersible granules for uniform mixing and ease of handling. Micronisation gives optimum coverage and retention with the product persisting on the leaf as a slow release source of essential nutrients.

Key Micronutrients

Copper as a trace element is essential for many plant functions. It is a catalyst in both photosyntesis and respiration, and responsible for the structural strength of cells by the formation of lignin. Moreover, copper is involved in carbohydrate and protein metabolism and stimlates pollen maturity and growth of the pollen tube thus playing a key role in flower and seed formation. Copper deficiency cause a delay in maturity and senescence, significantly affecting grain yield. Stem bending and susceptibility to disease are also consequences of copper deficiency.

Zinc is essential for many plant functions. Besides its main role in the formation of growth hormone Auxin, this element is also known for its positive influence in mRNA synthesis, and also makes cell membranes more permeable. It is also necessary for the formation of chlorophyll and carbohydrates (starch), and for proper root development. Zinc deficiencies in plants are dramatic because of combinations of chlorosis, rosetting, dieback, and depressed vegetative growth.

Manganese is an essential micronutrient for plants involved in photosynthesis, respiration, enzyme activation, protein biosynthesis, and several structural components of plant cells. Acidic soils with a high organic matter content and high pH are frequently manganese limited, and tropical soils are frequently leached of manganese. Manganese deficiencies can dramatically reduce plant growth and photosynthetic capacity, leading to stunted plants and significantly reduced crop yields.

VERNO Cu30+Zn30

A combined copper and zinc foliar applied fertiliser for the correction of copper and zinc deficiencies. VERNO Cu30+Zn30 contains micronized particles of cuprous oxide and zinc oxide, which adhere strongly to plant surfaces, providing a reservoir of slow release copper and zinc that provide nutrients when the plant needs it. VERNO Cu30+Zn30 contains 300 g/Kg copper in the form of cuprous oxide and 300 g/Kg zinc in the form of zinc oxide.

VERNO Cu30+Zn30 boosts onion yields


VERNO Zn60 is a micronutrient fertilizer containing 600 g/Kg zinc in the form of zinc oxide formulated to correct zinc deficiencies.


VERNO Mn34 is a micronutrient fertilizer containing 340 g/Kg manganese in the form of manganese carbonate formulated to correct manganese deficiencies.


VERNO CaB is a micronutrient fertilizer containing 90 g/Kg boron and 160 g/kg calcium formulated to correct micronutrient deficiencies.