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VERNO FG arrives in South America

VERNO FG CU30+Zn30, NORDOX’s new technology fertilizer was presented this month in Brazil. Crops treated with VERNO (cereals, sugarcane, legumes, melons, onions, etc) have all shown a very good response from an agronomical point of view, with increased yield, vigor, and health. VERNO FG stimulates plant growth at low rates. The low rates and timing, with 1-3 consecutive treatments, are key to the observed responses. In addition to the key nutritional effects of the combined package of nutrients, copper is vital for mobilizing the plant immune system. Copper particles on the surface induce the plant production of phytoalexins. Zinc promotes the genes to produce these molecules following the signal given by copper. The plants treated with VERNO FG are in general more healthy than untreated plants. These reactions are linked to the plant physiology, and physiological responses to these nutrients. Now in Brazil!