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NORDOX products are approved worldwide for use in rice, both for the control of rice diseases and as a slow release source of micronutrients.

Disease Prevention & Control

NORDOX copper products applied at relatively low rates have been shown to prevent and control most common bacterial and fungal diseases in rice:

Rice untreated (left) and treated with NORDOX 50 WP (right)

Micronutrient Fertilizer

Our VERNO FG products (Cu, Zn, & Mn) are formulated to correct micronutrient deficiencies and when applied at the right time, these products have been shown to enhance rice yield and vigor.

Untreated (left) vs VERNO treated hybrid rice (right).
Treatment 3 weeks after planting, ca BBCH 30.
Treated (left) vs untreated rice (right).

Please Note: Rates and timing of NORDOX and VERNO product applications are based on trials and experience and may vary based on crop size and growing conditions. Please contact your national distributor for updated label information and technical support.